Speech! Speech!  

Do those words make you want to stand up and talk or crawl under the table? . . . I can't hear you through the tablecloth . . .

If the thought of giving a wedding speech is casting a shadow over someone else's shining moment, you're not alone! Most people can't create a successful speech from scratch without some help.

And whether you're the best man or maid of honor, bride, groom, parent, grandparent or friend...

SOMEONE expects YOU to deliver a speech WELL - a speech that gives the honorees the glowing attention they deserve. That's hard enough, but while every person at the event waits for your words of wisdom, you're also supposed to make your speech unforgettable.

...And not because you passed out from stage fright.

Successful speaking comes easily. . .
Oh Yeah, to . . . who?!


I've seen way too many confident speakers flub it up by boring wedding guests; even worse, saying something that embarrasses everyone - talk about unforgettable! Nervous speakers usually have the right words but have a hard time delivering them when their hands are shaking... so who really delivers a perfect wedding speech?

People who are SINCERE and PREPARED!

If you have the sincerity covered, and by reading these lines I bet you do, I can prepare you for the wedding celebration spotlight.

The Dreaded Wedding Speech

Why does it survive?

1) For centuries, wedding speeches have honored the guests of honor, hosts and others who have gone to much effort (and expense!) in entertaining their assembly of guests. It's a way to say "thanks for throwing the party!" and for those honored to say "thanks for coming to the party!"

2) On a deeper level, wedding speeches give speakers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to publicly say what a beloved friend or family member means to him/her... when else can you really do it without looking like a geek?

Wedding speeches can take many forms:





and can set the mood for...

    Engagement Parties 

    Bridal or Couple's Showers 

    Bachelor Parties

    Bachelorette Parties 

    Rehearsal Dinners

    Wedding Breakfasts

    Wedding Receptions

    Out-of-Town Guest's Meals

So, . . .

Are you still thinking about throwing your speech together the day of the wedding?


Do you know?

  • There are people at the wedding celebration your particular speech should honor - and it's not always the Bride and Groom?

  • The best time to give your speech so people will pay attention?

  • How to control stage fright so your champagne glass isn't sloshing all the champagne on the floor?

Who wants to become a bad wedding story or loser of the night? Not you! You want to express how you feel about your loved ones or friends in a way that's charming and fun.

You want to speak your mind because you actually have something to say! And all you need are great ideas to make your very own speech...

Wedding Celebration Speeches
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You get 48 customizable speeches including:

Sentimental speeches
o Humorous speeches
o A tasteful practical joke
o Speeches family members can give
o Speeches members of the wedding party can give


  • The differences between a speech and a toast...

  • How to begin, end and practice your speech...

  • Other tips and etiquette about delivering your speech...

You are guided through






Everything you need to know is waiting for you!

Are you ready to create the perfect speech
and deliver it with perfection?

YES! Click here
to be on your way to an easy, heartfelt wedding speech. You and the guests will be so glad you did!

NO? Please re-think! Don't close yourself off from wedding fun while you sweat it out in the car with a pen and a napkin! Let Wedding Celebration Speeches help now, saving YOU days of regret!

This ebook is perfect for the

Best Man


Maid / Matron of Honor








Family friends

You'll also get a giant bonus section

Over 200 quotes, jokes and one liners you can use to totally customize your speech. You'll be cracking up as you read through these picking out the ones that perfectly fit the people associated with the wedding.

The Wedding humor section comes with tons of wedding humor you can use from the time the wedding is announced to the time your favorite bride and groom leave for their honeymoon... You'll be a star player with everyone you meet.

If you are the bride or groom, you are the stars of the show and this Ebook will be your constant reference for comments to make throughout the different phases of your to-be-remembered-forever event. People will be amazed at how smooth you are under the heavy pressure of a wedding celebration and all the parties and meals associated with it.

PLUS you'll be able to assist the people assisting you as you plan your perfect wedding.

This immediately downloadable ebook will make preparing your speeches a breeze. You'll have an ABCD plan to make sure that no detail goes forgotten.  

To recap you get:

  • 48 speeches in all . . . hey you could sell some of them to your other buddies who have to make speeches at the same wedding hahaha

  • 24 Humorous speeches

  • 24 Sentimental speeches

  • Humorous quotations

  • Humorous one liners

  • Speech etiquette

  • When to deliver your speech

  • How to practice without taking lots of time

  • How to make sure you do what the bride and groom want


A funny wedding practical joke . . . that won't get you in "too" much trouble hahaha

-       The Maid of Honor / Sister Speeches

-       The Best Man / Brother Speeches

-       Loving Parent Speeches

-       Blushing Bride Speeches

-       Groom Speeches

-       Grandparent Speeches

-       Other Best Friend Speeches

-       Uncle / Aunt / Cousin / and Other Relative Speeches

If you researched all the above it would take you 40 to 60 hours (I know, because me and my staff did it) Organizing and putting it in a usable format took another 40 (We did that too). You don't need to spend days working on this one important aspect of the upcoming wedding in your life. We took all the worry, time and hassle out of looking good and making sure things go smoothly on that very special and very important day.

You can get everything you see above, and be reading it five minutes after you order because it will be immediately downloadable in about 60 seconds. Simply check your email for the download link. It comes in Adobe PDF format, which can be read by MACs and PCs through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that's most likely installed on your computer already.

Regular price on Wedding Celebration Speeches is $29.95. But since this book is immediately downloadable and I don't have to print or ship it, for a limited time only you can get everything I promised for only $17.00 if you order by . And this is less than you'll spend for a cheap bottle of wine that will be gone and forgotten in about two minutes. If you want something that will last for years, read the P.S. below.

P.S. I seriously doubt that you have to deliver lines to public audiences every day like I do. You might think that you can just "wing it". I can tell you one thing and one thing only that I'm hoping will change your mind about that. You will be on video for years to come quite possibly looking like a nervous first grader standing up in front of the class for the first time . . . umming and ahhing, looking at the floor and shuffling around. Don't let that happen to your or to your friends. Order right now and do your part to make a beautiful and polished event.

"I sat down to write a speech from scratch on three different days and my mind was totally blank . . . and so was the paper. Fifteen minutes after downloading Wedding Celebration Speeches, I had my outline and was laughing my behind off thinking about all the wedding jokes I was going to use on the rest of the bridal party."

- Dave, Best Man

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