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"Wedding Celebration Speeches" is a downloadable Adobe PDF file. Both Apple and PC computers can use pdf files and virtually all computers in the last 10 years come pre-installed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you most likely have the reader for this Ebook already on your computer. If yours has been deleted or its very old, then you can download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at http://www.Adobe.com . Make sure you download AND install the reader. Some people download the file, but never "install" it. It won't work that way.

To download your Wedding ebook:

On a PC computer you will "Right Click" on the download link after you pay for the book. A box will pop up and one of the choices will be "save target as". Use your left mouse button to click on this. This will bring up a box asking you where you would like to save your Wedding ebook. Many people save the file to their desktop so they can remember where they put it.

Once the Wedding  file is on your desktop all you have to do is double click on it and it will open itself up in your adobe acrobat reader.

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